Allow me to Listroduce™ myself

  1. My name is Jason
    Here's me and my lovely wife, Sue. She's @surfer125. You should follow her. I'm the taller one in the picture.
  2. I have the greatest dog in the world. See her list for photos. She's named after this KISS song.
  3. I've been a huge KISS fan for about 40 years
  4. I'm a full time voice over professional.
    You can hear my work at
  5. I host a podcast, Screen Facts With Jason Davis. Every Wednesday a guest and I discuss a different movie and share some fun trivia about it.
    You can subscribe for FREE on iTunes, Google Play Music or get more options at
  6. I'm a shameless self promoter.
  7. I used to host afternoon drive at Z95 in Charlottesville, VA.
  8. I'm from NJ.
    Nobody I know says Joisey.
  9. I'm 6'5" tall
    No I don't play basketball, but wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I do.
  10. I like to bowl.
  11. I love the game of baseball.
    I won't pay MLB prices, especially when there's a great minor league team nearby.
  12. I'm a Gemini.