Worse Things Ever Invented

Maybe you have some of your own you'd like to add?
  1. Glitter
    Once you get it on you... Good luck getting it off. Greeting cards with glitter are the worst. When you open them, you're the unsuspecting victim of an arts and crafts anthrax attack.
  2. Weak bathroom hand dryers
    I know hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels, thus saving the environment. However, when you're faced with the choice of drying your hands on your pants or using one of these devices, you might just decide to not wash your hands at all. If you do that then you spread germs, and that's not good for the environment either.
  3. Leaf blowers
    I'm sure landscapers would disagree with this one, but there are few noises more irritating than the drone of one of these things. It sounds like thousands of angry bees getting ready to attack.
  4. Selfie Sticks
    I'm sorry, I can't get behind anything that encourages people to take pictures of themselves.