I don't know if I'm just happy-go-lucky, or have no faith in humanity, but apparently it doesn't take much.
  1. Peers that are able to keep their shit together, because I can't fuckin do it.
    If you're 22, work a full time job, keep your apartment clean, work out, and still socialize on weekends (and occasional week days), you are straight fire💯
  2. People who don't avoid eye contact with people they only met one time.
  3. Any grocery store in the north east with ripe avocados.
  4. People who can laugh at really really inappropriate things around people they just met.
    My friend Matt has a saying, "If you can't laugh at everything, don't laugh about anything."
  5. People who ask "what're you reading these days?" And are able to consistently recognize the book/author.
  6. New social media apps/websites that don't immediately turn into porn apps.
    How'd you do it, List App?