Music, Movies, TV Shows, and even sports can split the closest of friends. Here is some things that people feel passionately enough, one way or another, to argue over. Please add...
  1. The Eagles
    No clue why but some people can't stand The Eagles. I think their music and documentary are incredible.
  2. The Rocky Saga
    Some call it a way of life, some call it an unbelievable piece of garbage.
  3. Kiss
    I thought their 2014 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was overdue. I know plenty of people that think they are a shitty band.
  4. Any Lifetime "Unauthorized" behind the scenes movie.
    I've had people stop talking to me because I have mentioned the "Saved By The Bell" and "90210" movies. Guilty pleasures, I guess.
  5. Miley Cyrus
    People seem polarized over her.
  6. 2015 Iowa Hawkeye Football team
    I'm from Iowa. I am a Hawkeye. It seems every Tuesday when the Hawks rise up in the Playoff Championship rankings we kids off someone from ESPN, the South, or Colin Cowherd.
  7. CrossFit
    I don't need to explain it.