With VR about to explode on the scene, I thought I'd put out there what I really hope to see, in case developers are assuming or guessing.
  1. Jodie Foster's perspective getting launched into hyperspace scene in the movie Contact
  2. A Tron Legacy like experience. Just a whole world made of L-Wire and LED lights
  3. A straight up flying through clouds experience. Maybe on Falcor.
  4. The ability to watch movies (NOT in 360°) where the movie is fixed to the front (so moving my head doesn't move away from the screen) but that everything around it is pitch black. Basically an IMAX screen without the theater around it. Zero distraction.
  5. I'm noticing a movie theme here, let's add something else: Meditation apps where the entire screen is blank except a single shape shifting dot of light to focus on.
  6. Floating Particles Simulator. I basically want environments with that gorgeous floating particle effects. Anything you can create with Red Giant Software' Trapcode.
  7. One more movie environment: Pandora from Avatar.