2016 was intense. No doubt. Especially in this insane asylum of a country. But I thank @solena for making me think of the good things we did get. I struggled, but there were plenty of good in 2016.
  1. I managed to hold not one, but two jobs and a half
    And I mostly excelled on both of them..At bare minimum, I won't be fired from either come the new year.
  2. We met
    After a year of long distance, we spent two glorious weeks together.
  3. WE met
    And I got the first taste of fatherhood.
  4. My brother got married (to a WONDERFUL woman)
    They have done everything right together. I'm so happy for them.
  5. I got the taste of writing again
    I love what I'm writing right now. Can't wait to share.
  6. I reconnected with my love of music
    There are many wonderful musicians yo discover and rediscover, and this was the year I did it. (And I choose the year where so many people died.)
  7. My parents are both still in good health
    Thank God.
  8. Photography + origami = <3
    This was the year I truly took photography seriously. Applied everything I've ever learned. Two hundred and twenty five days of a daily origami model later, it's one of the most satisfying projects I've ever undertaken and it's one of my fondest memories for this year.
  9. I found li.st!
    I have never had the experience I've had on this app, being a true part of a community / support group. (Hee, hee, hee!) I've had friends, confidants, angels, even a little crush. I even had one of mylists featured on the daily digest. I've had it all on Li.st and I am incredibly grateful.
  10. I dared.
    Life is too short. I spoke to whom I needed/wanted to speak. I went where I wanted/needed to go. I started projects and actually committed to them. Better late tan never. And that will continue in 2017.
  11. I discovered what could be my true calling
    I'd like to save what it is for a later date, but I was told I should do it professionally. And I truly will.
  12. I felt I made a difference in someone's life.
    The list I wrote genuinely touched a few people. I became a friend to someone who truly needed one. I worked to try and find a peaceful solution to the conflicts in my country. I fed a homeless person. I made someone smile after crying. I hugged a friend who had just lost their father. Just for that, 2016 was no waste. Quite the contrary.