A Few Objects That Bring Me Joy

This should truly get me out of the li.st slump I've been (with due respect to the hundred or so requests I also have). I need things that keep me happy on the front of my mind.
  1. Notebooks
    This should include "anything I can write on".
  2. Paper
    If you know me, you know why. ;) But it's not just for origami. Writing, doodling, drawing. The way it smells in books or magazines. Even ripping up as a way to fight stress. Paper is the BEST.
  3. These headphones
    Tired of having to buy new headphones every two months, I invested in this expensive pair. They have magnets on the back of the plugs, and sound amazing. Of course, they're also the reason someone tried to mug me a month back, but I lived.
  4. This pen/touchpen/flashlight
    A gift from HBO, from when I had an active movie blog and reviewed their shows. I hardly write with it (it slips) but it's just... so... COOL.
  5. Books
    The smell. The texture. The content. Drop me off in a bookstore, and I'll be happy for hours.
  6. Sylvania record player
    My dad surprised me with this three years ago on my birthday. Plugs into the computer, backs up records, sounds beautifully. And fits nicely in my suitcase.