As you can probably attest, I am very much an animal lover. But while I say and feels pigs are my favorite the more I know about them, I know my heart belongs to dogs. I saw on Facebook a video of a rescued pitbull placing her newborn puppies on her savior's lap, and amidst the bawling I concluded: we don't deserve them.
  1. The bigger, the better...
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    I am such a sucker for big dogs. Give me a Newfoundland or a Mastiff that thinks he's a poodle to just cover me with his dogness and I'll be ok. I once went with a friend to buy food for her dog, and someone had a Rottweiler amid the Schnauzers. I went over, asked the owners for permission to pet, and got slobbered in love. It was a good day.
  2. ...but cute is cute
    One day I went to the ATM next to my job, and I see this dude with a gorgeous little beagle. I naturally stop and chat and interact (read: play) with the pup. He was telling me that he was getting ready to send him to Peru, where his girlfriend would receive him. But first he would have to be quarantined for 24 hours. As he playfully bit my hand, my heart sank. I could only pray that they would all be together very soon.
  3. There is no bad dog
    A dog will be what the owner lets it become. I used to fear pitbulls, like so many, but now I know better. I was having this absolute misery of a day, and I had to stop by the supermarket first. A young woman had a huge pitbull mix pup outside. Once again, I ask permission, and approach. That tail wagging like it could cut through steel, that huge smile, that enormous tongue. Every bad thing melted away.
  4. A puppy is great...
    It's always a joy when you see a little ball of fur wanting to play. My favorite occasion was when I ran into a French bulldog puppy that immediately showed me her belly for scratching. It's impolite not to pet a friendly dog, so I obliged.
  5. ...but a puppy mob is love
    I wish I had a story to go with the GIF! The closest was when I was ten, and went to my godfather's house, where their Shetland sheepdogs (or Shelties) had had pups. But to be assaulted by a gang of puppies is very high on the bucket list.
  6. There is a dog waiting for a family everywhere
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    I judge people based on their reaction when they walk with me and I pet any street dog that comes up to me (or me to it). I believe all dos deserve a little love, even if it's just a pet on the head. If I were sufficiently well off, I'd be the crazy guy who rescues every dog he sees. I'd call the shelter Juan Home For All Dogs.
  7. The thing to remember is, they are there when you need them
    This is Baloo. I've told you before about him, but here's my favorite story of him. He was still a pup one day we were playing when he bit my nose and broke it. I was enraged and locked myself in the room. When I came out, the impending divorce, money issues, health issues, lonely feelings, it all came crashing down, and I slumped to the floor, sobbing. After a few seconds, Baloo came over and licked my tears, and then cradled on my lap. Best therapy ever.
  8. Dogs are quite simply awesome
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    I just can't understand people who don't like dogs. I certainly don't tolerate people who mistreat or outright harm them. It is a scientific fact that people with dogs live longer and healthier, are less prone to depression and have reduced chances of heart disease. Thank you, God or Nature, for the gift of dogs. May we one day be truly worthy of them.