Ah, squirrels. Cute yet sneaky little bastards that invariably make me smile every time they show up near me. Either stealing the neighbor's bananas (actually saw this last month) or just sitting there being cute. Love 'em. (Android still doesn't let me do reverse numbers on lists, so assume I'm starting with number 10.)
  1. Fox squirrel
    Quite the foxy little guys. Largest tree squirrel in North America. Very varied in color.
  2. Prairie dog
    Actually a type of ground squirrel. Can be... DRAMATIC. One colony covered 65,000 sq km (25,000 sq mi) -- bigger than West Virginia.
  3. Black giant squirrel
    You know how dogs chase squirrels so much? Let's see Fido chase a squirrel the size of a beagle. The squirrels in the genus Ratufa of southeast Asia are some of the largest squirrels in the world.
  4. Cape ground squirrel
    These little denizens of the African deserts use their big tails as sun shades while they eat.
  5. Red squirrel
    Older friends might remember when Disney first made nature movies, and that one of them involved a little red squirrel called Perri.
  6. Grey squirrel
    The world's most widely spread species, found in almost every square of every city in the Northern hemisphere. Amazing agility and smart like few. If rats were cuter, they would be grey squirrels.
  7. Red-tailed squirrel
    When I was a kid, my parents would take me downtown and visit Bolivar Square, where there is still a large population of squirrels that eagerly take popcorn and nuts from passers-by. There are quite a few that are completely black.
  8. Richardson's ground squirrel
    Remember this picture and tell me this little guy doesn't deserve to be this high on the list.
  9. Chipmunk
    Excellent rides for amateur storm troopers. (There is no Photoshop involved in this picture.)
  10. Flying squirrel
    Who could resist the world's cutest kite? They can glide the length of a football field and turn corners like a little fighting jet. One species only found in Laos is over a meter long.