For 18 years, I've seen hate win elections in my country. Over and over again. Only now am I seeing some very weak lights at the end of a very long tunnel. After last night, please allow me to offer some humble opinions on how to get through the long run.
  1. Don't give in to hate
    It's so easy to look at whoever voted for Trump and point fingers and accuse them of destroying the country. I did the same thing. And it only made resentment grow. We contributed to the "Us vs. Them" rhetoric.
  2. Get involved
    It's the same as that old byline: "Talk to your kids about progress before someone else does". Be part of the change you want in your country.
  3. Get educated
    If there is one thing I thank the government is that it increased interest in politics and history. We now know who our lawmakers are, how the system works (or in Venezuela's case, how it doesn't) and more about our past than ever before. The more you know, amirite?
  4. Never stop
    Life MUST go on. Things are SO bad in my country, but people still go to work, visit their family, go to the beach. It keeps us sane. It will you, too.
  5. Read this Cracked piece