Inspiredby a whole lot of wonderful people. Last seen by @amieshmamie
  1. Stop saying you'll start the plank challenge AND DO THE PLANK CHALLENGE.
  2. "Orange Is The New Black" and "Better Call Saul" aren't just going to watch themselves.
  3. While you're at it, you love reading. Always have. So why not make more time for it?
  4. All these ideas you have... is it really because of "no time" that you don't get started?
  5. Do call your friend for that favor she offered. You're leaving soon and she might be your last chance
    (This one needs to stay a mystery for now, guys, sorry)
  6. Call your godfather already.
  7. Repeat after me: five hours is not enough sleep.
  8. When are you writing this down?
  9. Just faaaake it, if you're out of direction, faaaaake it, if you don't belooong...
    Oh sorry, that song won't leave my head. ("Fake It", by Seether.)