The holidays are over. Face it. These words return to your daily vernacular: commute, email, bosses, co-workers and "Why, God, why?". Down here, we do what we can to extend those sleeping days as much as possible. And they sometimes work.
  1. Someone stole my alarm clock
    Which means "someone stole my phone"
  2. The bus coming back broke down
    Most people have family outside the major cities, and travel by bus. And aw, dang it, it broke down three hours away from Caracas.
  3. No ticket until the 9th
    Hey it's not my fault they didn't let me make reservations.
  4. My mother/spouse/child/dog is sick
    "Cat" might work, but we're more canine lovers down here.
  5. "Aw, c'mon..."
    You'd be surprised.