Inspired by everyone. Face it, y'all just wanna get plastered.
  1. The Battle of Carabobo
    The one that finally ended Spanish rule in South America. Would faithfully reenact general Jose Antonio Páez's famous "TURN THE F***K AROUND" moment. Even though he said it another battle. And with other words. And in Spanish.
  2. The return of Apollo 13
    We all saw the movie, right?
  3. That final game in 04 when the Red Sox beat the Yankees
    And proceeded to bury the Bambino Curse. GLORIOUS.
  4. The whole OJ Simpson ordeal
    We all saw the show, right?
  5. The Battle of Stirling Bridge
    Aye, ye all saw the damn Mel Gibson moovay, but y'dunna knoo tha TROO stooray, doo ya, ya Yanks?
  6. The Battle of Endor
    Don't you dare tell me this isn't history.