My señorita @catharuin has requested this list. Y con gusto la complazco. This continent had produced some fine writing, I tell you. Dylan ain't got nothing on us. (Ok, no, he has a lot.) Titles of books in Spanish. Since it's my home turf, I'm staying in Latin America for this one
  1. Gabriel García Márquez
    Start with "Crónica de una muerte anunciada". Find "Doce Cuentos Peregrinos". Work your way through "El General en su laberinto". And end with "Cien Años de Soledad".
  2. Julio Cortázar
    There are many collections of his short stories; the best ones are "Bestiario", "Todos los fuegos el fuego" and "Final de Juego". Read "Rayuela" only when you are completely comfortable.This dude's a trip.
  3. Jorge Luis Borges
    Warning: Borges intimidates me to no end. I feel I am in the presence of an intelligence that I am not worthy to even consider standing beside him. That said, reading his stories in "Ficciones" and "El.Aleph" is such an amazing trip.
  4. Mario Vargas Llosa
    All his books are painstakingly researched. His classic is "La Ciudad y los Perros", but his masterpiece is "La fiesta del chivo".
  5. Isabel Allende
    I can recommend no greater woman in Latin American literature. I had the immense good fortune of meeting her when I was very young, during her exile in Venezuela. Start with "De amor y de sombra" and "La casa de los espíritus" (skip the movies), and get your heart broken when you read "Paula" --her daughter's life and death.
  6. Pablo Neruda
    I don't know much poetry, but you cannot, CANNOT, go wrong with Neruda. "20 Poemas de Amor y una Canción Desesperada" is love incarnate.
  7. Rómulo Gallegos
    You want to know rural Venezuela? Read our most celebrated author (and first president of the Democratic era). In his novels, men are men, and women take crap from no one. His magnum opus is "-Doña Bárbara".
  8. Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles
    Unfortunately, no better way to know about modern Venezuela. And I say that because Eduardo had confessed being a perennial pessimist. And it shows in his work, but that doesn't make then less brilliant. Go with "Blue Label", "Liubliana" and "Jezabel".
  9. Honorable mentions
    I'm not entirely familiar with their work, but no conversation of Latin American authors is complete without mentioning Mario Benedetti, Miguel Otero Silva, Gabriela Mistral, Carlos Fuentes, Horacio Quiroga (get creeped out with his short story "La Gallina Degollada") and Roberto Bolaño.
  10. For a little more on Venezuelan writers
    Check out this story on NPR, which has a bit of history and a list of writers: Oil, Chávez and telenovelas: the rise of the Venezuelan novel