I got a few healthy reminders of why I love people and, in spite of my bitching otherwise, still enjoy teaching.
  1. The setting
    Japan-Venezuela Week. For the last twenty years, the Venezuelan Origami Association has participated in this week that celebrates the two cultures, with one big class (over 300 people). (We also used to have an exhibition, but oh well..)
  2. The preview
    I was fourth. That many people, mostly doing origami for the first time, can get a little stressed. So the first thing I did? "Yo! Everybody relax and smile for Instagram!"
  3. The first highlight
    Our coordinator asked me to talk a bit, since we still had time. So I try to make people laugh for a minute. And then I say one of the reasons I love origami. "The father of modern origami, Akira Yoshizawa, once said that he believed that the secret to world peace lies in origami, 'because while we are creating with our hands, we're not thinking about destruction'. I hope I can transmit some of that to you". To my surprise, I got applause! So I said, "So let's make a catapult". They laughed. :)
  4. Second highlight
    I actually taught them an airplane, which they enjoyed. When I finished, I stood with one of my friends. A girl of maybe twelve came up and called. My friend, thinking she needed help with the model being taught, went over. "No, I'm sorry, him!" So I went over. And blushed when she said, "I'm sorry, could you take a picture with me?"
  5. The end
    I taught English for five years, and it crushed my soul. But I have taught origami every time I can for over twenty years. For me it's magical and fun, and I'm so glad I got the chance to do it again. And this group of folders is simply the best.
  6. The extra
    I folded a Princess Leia for my daily challenge. I can't believe I'm almost done! Eighty more to go. :-)