It has been a week filled with flu, a muscle contraction that has my left arm hurting like he'll (for two weeks!!!) and now a holster that will measure my blood pressure for 24 hours. I have been having block on top of that. So I'm following Picasso's advice: When inspiration comes, may it find me li.sting. And this is how I start.
  1. I gave poetry another shot
    Yesterday was... kinda crappy. So I followed the advice of, well, so many people I admire that say a poem can make you feel better. So I turned to this one by my closest living poet: my uncle Armando Rojas Guardia. The first line says: "To go out, always to go out. Exodus is my homeland. Finding oneself coming out again and again from the enslaving home." It did make me feel better.
  2. My origami challenge is coming to an end
    I'm less than two months away from ending, and I'm already looking forward to the last one. I intend to go big, to find my Holy Grail. And I'm so proud of my new signature. (Thanks, baby.) Yes, that's King Kong. Made from a single square.
  3. Doctor found me ok, so far
    I had my first check up with a doctor in four years today, which is why I have the holster. I haven't had my medicine in over a year. But thankfully, he told me my pressure is pretty normal. Also, I lost over twenty pounds last year. Not bad.
  4. I refuse to give up
    There are so many bad things happening in my country right now. Things that would truly horrify you. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and whimper. But as I read earlier, in these conditions, trying to lead a normal life is perhaps one of the greatest acts of rebellion you can imagine.
  5. I missed you guys.
    I hope my dearest li.sters stayed in spite of the ridiculous changes on the app (which apparently aren't got everyone, but ssshhh). Do tell me... what's up?