Habits I will need to keep in check once I move to the States

It's coming. Your friendly neighborhood Venezuelan will take advantage of his American citizenship and go back home. I have been trying to do so for the better part of two years, maybe three, so now that I feel it approaching I am starting to get giddy with anticipation. And also dread. Mostly because I have habits that might get me in trouble.
  1. I'm a hugger
    In most Latin American countries, we sometimes pat backs, take hands, hug, kiss (pecks on cheek)... within twenty minutes of meeting. I know you in the U S of A treasure your personal space, so I'll make an effort. I promise.
  2. I'm loud
    One time, a student told me he went to a baseball game (could be Toronto, Canada, could be NY, I forget), and afterwards they were all chatting up excitedly --and someone (politely) told them to keep it down. I tend to speak more than a tad loud when I'm excited, so I can relate.
  3. I talk to my neighbors
    This one is not so much "keep in check" than "sight specific". I've heard these stories of immigrants who haven't spoken to their next door neighbors in two years, while down here I know everyone in the building (and I know it was you who took the bottles). I don't know, you tell me how much of this I should consider.
  4. I use torrents. A LOT
    Hey, how else am I going to get "Rick and Morty"? The latest indie movies? "Daredevil"? About 90% of all new music? And I know it's going to be a hard habit to kick one it becomes illegal. I'm going to miss you, Stremio. (For a while.)
  5. "¿Qué pasó, mi negro?"
    Oh. Oh God. This. You guys, let me explain. Down south, we have no problem calling out darker skinned friends "negro". It's out of love and friendship. Heck, I'm not that dark and I had a girl who called me that. The title of this entry is a common way to say hello in Venezuela; it means "What's up, my black?" But I'm aware it's, to say the least, a sensitive issue. I've had stories of friends in the States who've come *this* close to a fight. For using the word and being too loud. *gulp*