I think I'll do this as a more or less regular list idea. We all have these regular conversations with ourselves, and let's face it, it's one of the best ideas this community has cone up with. Kudos to its creator.
  1. Stop it.
    You WILL be together.
    Just... stop.
  3. Hey that's actually a good idea!
    What if I... oh, look, a puppy!
  4. Maybe close the browser when recording?
    Um, yes, maybe.
  5. She's incredibly difficult to get a gift, we agree
    But she's your mother, she deserves the effort. Start shopping.
  6. Keep that promise
    You've disappointed her enough
  7. Still no time for OITNB, huh?
    Or Better Call Saul, for that matter. Or BoJack Horseman. Or... hmm, I'm starting to see the problem.
  8. Cheer up, Rogue One is coming
    That's small escapism, huh? But awesome.
  9. Sometimes, to say no takes more courage than saying yes.
    Didn't somebody on li.st just have that same conundrum?
  10. The new F8 trailer looks...
    Yeah. I know. Bonkersville.
  11. But that Spider-Man one...
    Oh yeah, THAT looks FUN.
  12. You enjoyed that recording project a lot, right?
    Damn right I did. Gotta do it professionally.
  13. Now get back to work.
    I feel better already.