In this day and age of Internet, you'd think romance is dead. You wouldn't be necessarily wrong --you just looked in the wrong places.
  1. "Is this Mr. Origami?"
    The question that started it all. She wrote me a Facebook message. She's friends with my goddaughter's mother. She seemed sweet. But I was in a bad place.
  2. The origami chicken
    She was spending fue months back home before going back to New York, to her daughter and then husband. They were staying at a friend's farm in Indiana. She asked for an origami hen and chicks for that friend. I half heartedly agreed... and then stood her up. >_<
  3. The chats
    That didn't deter her, though. Turns out she had been a fan of my writing. Had even developed a little crush. So she started chatting. A month later, we had been talking every day.
  4. "Me encantas"
    The conversations got longer, sweeter and --ahem-- more interesting. I left my dark place and saw the light. One day I just said it: "Me encantas". "You fascinate me".
  5. Bird Daddy
    She has a seven year old daughter who misses nothing. She saw that Mommy was spending more time on the phone, smiled more, looked at the sky, noticed birds. She asks. She answers. "Does he make you happy?" (She knows about the divorce.) "Very much". "Then I'm happy, too!" We meet. I'm instantly taken. She asks about birds and animals and things. I hereby dub thee Bird Daddy. <3
  6. ♩It's gonna be May ♪
    Our first anniversary. We have never gone more than six hours without talking. Now she and her daughter are coming, so she can help resolve a family issue. She was afraid there would be no chemistry. There was OODLES of it. Best fifteen days of 2016.
  7. Through good and bad
    Long distance relationships are never easy. We've been together through depression, her getting fired, my family's health issues, a whole slew of baggage on both sides, etc. We make plans but with no fixed dates --they just can't exist. To say we miss each other is the understatement of the year. But here we go, on and on. Till that magic day comes at last.