This came literally minutes after my last list. There is no way I'm not sharing this with you guys!!!
  1. Background
    I went to college late in life, in my thirties. It was tough. But that means I was more comfortable with teachers than most students. I got pretty close to my radio reporting teacher.
  2. The call
    In late 2015, this teacher calls me, and tells me a friend of his needs someone with a good voice and completely bilingual for a recording project.
  3. Fast forward
    A year and a half later... here's my first audiobook you guys!!!
  4. The plot
    Written by Venezuelan author José Miguel Vasquez, it's a noir novel spreading between Caracas and New York. A young publicist has been raped and murdered, and evidence points to a young generic engineer who is on the verge of a major medical breakthrough. Two detectives are assigned to the case --and yours truly provided the voices. :3
  5. I literally can't even right now!
    To see my name on something like this (with a mistake, since it's spelled Juan Carlo, but WHO CARES) is beyond unbelievable. One of my dreams is voice acting, and this is a step in that direction.
  6. The future
    I start recording José Miguel's next novel this week. In the meantime, if you're intrigued, you can listen to the first five minutes here. And if you do buy it, let me know what you think! This is my first, so I do more than welcome feedback --I need it! OMG YOU GUYS!!!