I love dogs and guinea pigs and cats and parrots. I wish to have them all. But I sometimes dream. And I dream I'll have one of these. And I know how likely I am to ever have them.
  1. Ring-necked parakeet
    Because I don't know how easy they are to purchase
  2. Savannah cat
    Because I have to consider that my mother will want to come visit and she already dislikes cats. Plus, look at that size.
  3. Newfoundland
    I love big, shaggy dogs. And this one's HUGE. As in fourth biggest breed huge. So that also means big house and a lot of food and grooming.
  4. Potbellied pig
    I ADORE pigs. The highlight of my week was finding out someone has one in my neighborhood. But they're a handful.
  5. Hyacinthe macaw
    Yes, it's more likely for me to have a pig than a macaw. The world's largest parrot, it's a spectacular bird to behold. It's intelligent, loving and funny. But it also requires as much attention as a child, and has a powerful beak that can break chair legs if used with boredom. Also, they're endangered. Ergo, VERY expensive to purchase legally. I am perfectly happy to see then in the wild.
  6. What ideal pet would YOU like that you doubt you ever will (and is ok with that)?
    Sound off in the comments.