Instagram profiles I truly dig

I dig photography a lot, so if there is one place I spend more time on than, it's Instagram. Here are some profiles that truly make me smile. Please, add your favorites! (And make sure you follow me, as well. Same nickname.)
  1. National Geographic
    If you're into photography, you have to follow the masters. Follow them just like in here: @NatGeo Bonus:their individual photographers Joel Sartore, Tim Laman, Peter Macbride and Paul Nicklen.
  2. Adam Goldberg
    The "Saving Private Ryan" actor is an amazing photographer.
  3. Daily Overview
  4. Jason Lee
    Another actor I was amazed to discover he was such a good photographer. He even has a book, freshly published!
  5. Arianna Arteaga
    If you want to know Venezuela, there's no better ambassador. Her mom (Valentina Quintero) has spent years promoting my country through books, columns and documentaries. Her daughter follows close suit.
  6. Matchbook Diaries
    Matchbooks fron New York restaurants beautifully pictured. My mom used to collect them, so this appeals to me.
  7. Minimalissimo
    I adore minimalism in design. I think it requires a lot of creativity and looks so classy. This is the feed for a site and magazine dedicated to showcasing it.
  8. Legojacker
    Who knew Lego could be used to convey such deep messages?
  9. Troqman
    A Dutch cartoonist who spices up the real world with his amazing creations.
  10. Cristian Maranciuc
    Hey I need at least one origami artist here! Cristian is a Rumanian artist who uses the traditional crane as blank canvas. You need to see them to believe them!
  11. Cutie and the Beast
    The adventures of little Siena and her big, adorable Doberman Buddha.
  12. Penguin The Magpie
    This family in Australia rescued a fallen magpie who then adopted them as her own. Their story is now also a book.