You've all read this list: Let me tell you about Mom Now theplot twist: as mom recovers from the operation, the doctor noticed something weird on his face. Long story short: cellulitis. Antibiotics. The room next to mom's. Also scheduled to leave tomorrow. So it's only fair that he gets a list, too.
  1. He's the funniest man I know
    Dad is a great story teller, and he knows it. He's always quick to make somebody laugh, be it a teller or a relative. He can tell jokes like few people I know. No wonder we all think mom has no sense of humor; dad took all of it. And gave it to my brother and me.
  2. He's a master chess player
    An engineer with a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin and and a Phd from Georgia Tech, he loved to play chess whenever the opportunity came. He won several national championships while working for the oil company. So...
  3. He reasons. EVERYTHING
    This drives mom crazy. He tries to find logic in every single situation. He gets extra points for always trying to get the best out of it all, but sometimes you just want to wing it and he won't let you.
  4. He once has a cancer scare
    The doctor found cancer cells encapsulated in his prostate fifteen years ago. We didn't have much money then, but we went after that sucker with everything we had. Radio, chemo, prayers. A year later, it was gone. And it hasn't come back.
  5. His birthday is the day before mine
    My mom would have been able to buy a condo if she had gotten a dollar every time someone told her, "Why didn't you start jumping up and down do they could share a birthday?"
  6. He is still a kid at heart
    When he sees something cool, his eyes go wide and he gets this goofy grin of wonder. It's so endearing.
  7. He's always been a little absent-minded
    He has his own classifying system,.he rarely pays attention to names of people he casually meets (though he'll treat them with the utmost kindness), and in this he also drives mom a little crazy.
  8. He always makes time for family
    He was a top engineer in the national oil company before Chavez took over, which meant a lot of trips both abroad and within, more to mention very demanding. But he always took his kids to the zoo, his wife to dinner and his family to incredible vacations. We travelled San Francisco, Van.Nuys, L.A. and Las Vegas in a Dodge Caravan for two weeks, then flew over to Atlanta for another week, back in 1992. We also went Cancún twice. And he made sure we all had fun.
  9. He's my role model
    Love you, Dad.