On Friday night, my mother had her first trip to the ER in almost 50 years, slipping and breaking her femur head. No biggie, if you don't count a few things I'll tell you in a bit. But I was inspired to write a bit about her.
  1. Growing up, it annoyed me how much people told me how much I looked like her
    You know how it is. You're a little punk. But when you grow, and truly appreciate how many people look up to your mom, you start feeling proud.
  2. She was a voracious reader
    She passed it on to me, no doubt. She had to be, her dad was a writer and poet. She still reads occasionally, when she has the time, but she used to read three books a week.
  3. She helped raise her two sisters and brother, especially the youngest
    My uncle is ten years younger than her, my second aunt fifteen, and my youngest aunt is twenty years her junior. Plus she has arthritis in her spine, which limits her movements. When my grandfather died, 44 years ago, my mother took her youngest sister and raised her like a daughter.
  4. She admits she's very "basic"
    She says she's all heart, little reason. She acts like she feels, without much thought. Drives my dad, who is first a thinker, all kinds of crazy.
  5. She refuses to use electronics
    Always has. Never learned to use a VCR, DVD player, much less a computer. She has simply.decided she has no.patience for any of it. She stoically deals with the teasing her more electronically savvy friends, not to mention her husband and two sons, constantly give her.
  6. She loves to laugh, but she rarely gets a joke
    Contradictory? Oh yes.
  7. Her children have not grown up
    One is a divorced journalist, the other a newlywed lawyer. Oh but she still treats them as twelve year olds. Such a mother.
  8. She can drive me so nuts...
    ...mostly because I'm quite sure we're do alike in so many ways...
  9. ...but she is more mother than so many I know.
    Love you, mom. :-)