LOOK! PUPPIES! And other tiny animals!

Y'all need to CHILL.
  1. Beagle puppy
  2. Baby chameleon
  3. Amur leopard cub
    There are only 30 -THIRTY- left in the wild, and yet HE TOOK HIS TIME TO COME AND CHECK ON YOU GUYS.
  4. Skunk baby
  5. Baby goat
  6. Baby stingray
    Awww, they're like tiny trapped souls. 😍😈😆
  7. Dumbo octopus
  8. Jumping spider
    Don't give me your arachnophobia, these things are adorable. (OK, some of them.)
  9. Tiger cub
  10. Sleeping polar bear cub
    With mom!
  11. Guinea pigs
    "Sharing" spaghetti
  12. Piglet
  13. Baby panda
  14. Me as a baby
    Feel better now?