Mini rant list

We interrupt our scheduled routine for a brief moment to curse the reality we live in.
  1. "Logan" was scheduled to open here in Venezuela today
    Directed by James Mangold, it's Hugh Jackman's last incarnation as Wolverine. It currently sports a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is my most anticipated movie of the year
  2. But Venezuela strikes
    Yesterday night, 20th Century Fox's local office tweets a video announcing that "Logan's" premiere is indefinitely postponed.
  3. The reason?
    No one knows for sure, but a friend who writes for a local magazine and went to the premiere posted on Facebook that the reason could be because it shows a minor in violent situations, which goes against the Organic Law of Protection of Children and Teens.
  4. X-23 is blocking Logan in Venezuela
    If confirmed, it would add to the growing level of hatred I have for my local government.
  5. This, of course, is absurd
    Because I routinely see pictures like this. This a group of children posing with assault rifles in a neighborhood in western Caracas where not even the police go in, because of extreme left groups (supported by the Government) who impose their law. This was only five years ago. There was even a congressman there.
  6. "But it's only a movie"
    Yes, but it's a reflection of the bigger picture. It shows that liberties can be taken away just like that, be it the freedom to choose whatever the hell I want to watch, the freedom to speak a dissenting opinion, the freedom to buy the food you want and need or the freedom of walking the streets without fearing for your life. God, I need to get out of here.