My favorites

@jhope71 by a whole lotta awesome people, but mostly @jhope71
  1. Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
    "Get busy living, or get busy dying".
  2. Movie franchise: Star Wars
    Disney know me well
  3. Author: Stephen King
    Constant Reader, right here.
  4. Spanish-language author: Gabriel García Márquez
    I strongly urge you to read him. In ANY language.
  5. Band: Metallica
    I can even forgive "St. Anger". Their 1999 concert in Caracas remains one of the high points in my life.
  6. Band/musician that isn't Metallica: Lenny Kravitz
    You're great in movies, Lenny, but c'mon, we need new music.
  7. Band in my native language: Soda Stereo
    These guys did for South American rock what Aerosmith did for US rock when all you heard about were the Rolling Stones.
  8. Animal: pig
    Wild pigs. Big pigs. Little pigs. Boars. Peccaries. Warthogs. Bushpigs. Giant hogs. I love them all.
  9. Animal I could never have as a pet: Killer whale
    One of the reasons I haven't watched "Blackfish" yet is because I don't think I could handle the suffering I'm going to see.
  10. Word in English: Serendipty
  11. Word in Spanish with no English translation: Sobremesa
    It's the time spent after a meal talking.
  12. Time of day: 7:35 am
    That time I'm not quite at the office and I can take the time to watch people come and go
  13. Thing to do immediately after I meet someone: Find something with what to gently tease them
    Just to make you laugh.
  14. Thing to bring to a first date: her favorite animal in origami
    Hey, this skill has to be good for something, right?
  15. App that's not Instagram
  16. Food: Italian
  17. Country I haven't been to: Japan
    And I have a feeling it will remain so after I have been there.