My week of origami for Halloween

As part of my challenge to fold a model daily for one year, I did a spooky theme this week (extended till today) and posted the pictures on Instagram. These are the models. And please follow me there, if you like. Hope fellow origaholic @solena approves. ;)
  1. Ghost, by Robin Glynn
  2. Black cat, by Gilad Aharoni
    Gilad was kind enough to approve of my attempt and the fact I quoted his favorite author (Terry Pratchett) to go with the picture ("Ancient civilizations worshipped cats as gods; they haven't forgotten this").
  3. Clown, by Seiji Nishikawa
    I don't have to tell you this was my homage to MY favorite author and his novel "It". (Now there's a waiting to happen.)
  4. Frankenstein's creature, by Jun Maekawa
  5. Wolf man, by José Iranzo
  6. Dracula, by Robin Glynn
  7. Little Monster, by João Charrua
  8. Jan-O-Lantern, by Kalei Ann Lundberg
    Named after the creator's sister in law.
  9. Skull emblem, by Hojyo Takashi
    Painted by me to commemorate Día de los Muertos
  10. Grim Reaper, by Miyajima Noburu