One thing you can say about my country is that it doesn't stay boring for long. But oh God, how I miss being bored.
  1. The situation here is critical.
    Inflation, to name just one thing, is in the three digits, the highest in the world. And that's not the worst. The International Monetary Fund estimates that next year it will be 2200%. Right now, the Bolivar is pretty much worthless (black market rate is 1017 bolívares to a dollar). For comparison, the worst inflation in history was in post-WWII Hungary, where prices were rising 150,000% per day.
  2. The opposition called for a recall vote for the President mid-year
    Nicolás Maduro's approval rate is between 18 and 27%. But the Government refuses to cave. Because they know they will lose the recall. They lost Congress last year by a landslide.
  3. They have placed every obstacle imaginable to stop the recall -democracy be damned
    Today, three state judges said they declared the recollection of 1% of voters -first step to activate the recall- invalid. So...
  4. The election authority suspended the next step
    On October 26-28, we were supposed to have an event to collect 20% of the voter's signatures -the last step necessary to activate the recall. Now it's on hiatus "until the state matter (mentioned above) is resolved". In other words: Indefinitely.
  5. President Maduro left today on official visit to other oil-producing countries in the Middle East
    He said it would be a "flash" trip, with no return date. That means that the more radical of his cronies are in charge of the country.
  6. What does all this mean?
    All I can say is... Pray for Venezuela.
  7. Bitter PS
    This would have been an important one to be able to relist, @list.