Why yes, yes I will help you out to make me an awesome present.
  1. Moleskine. ANY Moleskine
    A corresponding pen not required. But see below.
  2. "RAN", by Akira Kurosawa
    Actually, that's a lie. I'll take ANYTHING from Kurosawa.
  3. "Infinite Jest", by David Foster Wallace
    I have the Kindle edition, but since my tablet went kaput... And c'mon, a book is a book.
  4. A cool pen
    Something that says Juan. I promise to sign my first book with it.
  5. Anything Star Wars, Spider-Man or Game of Thrones related
    Huge geek right here
  6. Anything with an owl on it
    It'll be a hoot. (Too easy?)
  7. A cool mug
    You can never have enough mugs.
  8. A coloring book
    Yes, I already have one. No, I haven't finished it. What's your point? (Now you throw in the crayons, too.)
  9. A minimalist movie poster
    These are so awesome, I almost don't care which movie it's from.
  10. The Brain Pickings Poster
  11. Anything YOU made
    Getting a hand made gift brings me joy like you wouldn't imagine. I think it shows so much that you care, because you took the time.
  12. ANY of the above... And a hug
    What can I say... I'm a hugger.