Quick blurbs

Yes, I am alive, despite whatever plans the Stress Gods have for me. Here are a few quick things I've been up to, besides work.
  1. American Gods
    You guys. This show. It has some of the most bonkers things ever shown on TV, but it has an amazing plot and some of the best characters this side of Breaking Bad. I intend to read the novel once the season is over. But YOU GUYS. This show!
  2. Two books at once
    I finally decided to get back to serious reading (have a list request about that). And I did it like a boss. I started reading "The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz, and about a third in I started with "Paradise" by Toni Morrison. I borrowed this last one on the Internet Archive library (http://archive.org) --a first for me!
  3. Logan
    Finally saw it. Broke my darn heart. Or sliced through it? The fact is I loved it. THE superhero movie for adults. Super psyched for "Wonder Woman".
  4. The Longform Podcast
    A weekly conversation with a nonfiction writer. It has become a recent obsession. Hosted by Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky and EvanRatliff. A few great interviews include Brian Reed, Malcolm Gladwell, Terri Gross, David Gann and Ta'nehisi Coates. Part of longform.org, where you can read the best longform journalism available on the web.
  5. Writing
    I am also getting consistent -FINALLY- with my writing. A Spanish-language community on Medium called Eñes offered me to join some two weeks ago. I've already had four posts approved, with mostly positive feedback. I do have a few English essays in mind, but if you speak Spanish or don't mind the translator you can check me out at http://www.medium.com/@Jaycer17