It's about damn time! XD You'll notice this list is mostly his earlier work. Pick any which one to see how you feel about him (didn't include his first, "Carrie", on purpose; too obvious) and then go into most of his 90s novels. Hope you become a Constant Reader!
  1. 'Salem's Lot
    Let the Master show you what a REAL vampire should look like!
  2. Night Shift
    His novels are the best, but I'm continuously amazed by the strength of King's short stories. In this collection (his first) he runs the gamut from pure horror ("Jerusalem's Lot", "The Raft") to horror sci-fi ("I Am The Doorway") to an actually funny yet exciting one ("Battleground").
  3. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
    Some people consider this lesser King, but I found it pretty satisfying. Confirms that the man is untouchable when writing about real human beings and the horrors they have to face.
  4. The Eyes of the Dragon
    Here, let uncle Steve read you a bedtime story. His first serious attempt into fantasy may not be a homerun for everybody, but it's a solid hit.
  5. Pet Sematary
    The one SK book I have refused to reread --it freaked. Me. OUT. Hell, it freaked HIM out! He once said that it scared him so much he took the typed manuscript, put it in a drawer and left it there a few days.
  6. Cujo
    My first SK novel. First time a book gave me actual white knuckles. Especially upsetting if you're a dog lover. Which I am. And it was.