I have officially reached the point of asking strangers (kind, creative, funny as they are) for help
  1. February, 2015: we meet
    We have friends in common. She asked me a favor on Facebook. I was a semi douche. (I had issues back then.) She's also Venezuelan, lives in NY (legally), getting a divorce. I've already decided I'm moving yo the States.
  2. May, 2015: We discover we're in love
    Neither of us can stop thinking of the other. After the first Skype call, that's it; I'm hooked. We start having a long-distance relationship that has flourished to this day.
  3. July, 2015: Her daughter starts calling me "Bird Daddy"
    Because I've taught her about, well, birds. I'm already higher in ranking than her own dad. Score for Juan.
  4. November, 2015: She got fired
    Douchebag boss (also Venezuelan) fires her so he can hire someone he can pay less.
  5. May, 2016: She comes here
    For two weeks, we finally live the couple's life. I also got a taste of fatherhood. It was stressful, but AWESOME.
  6. Present day: She still hasn't found a job
    She's had a few odd jobs, designing logos, decorating cakes, but nothing steady. Those savings aren't eternal. I've had to delay my trip three times, might be a fourth. But while I know I'm getting there, she's getting more and more depressed. And I feel helpless.
  7. She is immensely talented
    Her website http://www.yadidesigns.com. She's also very responsible, so funny... Yes, those are the words of a lovesick man, but that don't make 'em less true, suh.
  8. I need your help
    If any of you are in the NY area and can (and want to) hire her, or know someone who can/would, please write to me. My Gmail is the same as my user. Thank you so much. (Yes, she'd probably kill me if she knew I did this.)