So yeah, I'm old: A visual dossier

A recent article in Rolling Stone made me realize exactly how many times the Earth has traveled around the Sun in the time I have walked on its surface. Here are is some evidence. Now keep it down, I'm watching Matlock.
  1. Hysteria
    Def Leppard's seminal third álbum was the first rock album I purchased (I was squarely a pop guy then). Although "purchased" is not the right word, since my allowance hadn't cleared yet. The band is issuing a box set commemorating the anniversary: August 3rd, 1987. Thirty. Years. Ago. (The album's story is fascinating. Stay tuned for tomorrow's list.)
  2. Cujo
    I wish I could remember how this book came into my hands. I know I didn't get it for myself, so it must have been a gift. It started my condition as a Constant Reader; I'm a rabid (pun intended) Stephen King fan. It came out in 1981, but I think I read it in 86. In two days.
  3. Rust in Peace
    As vinyl took a backseat and the cassette went the way of the dodo, I was firmly in the rock camp. So when we got our first CD player, I was eager to hear my guitars loud and crisp. Megadeth s fourth would be my first CD, much to the horror of my parents. That was in 1991. Now I have the dubious honor of having lived long enough to have Dave Mustaine mute me on Twitter. :(
  4. Rocky Raccoon
    My dad comes home from a trip saying he has a surprise. When I see something furry eating from his hand, I almost fainted. It took a moment to see it was actually a puppet! Someone later stole it from me at school, but I had a blast with it till then. Freaked out quite a few teachers! This was at least 1986. And I'm delighted to see these are still sold!