Songs that get repeated as soon as they're over

On the completely shallow front, 2016 will be known as the year music and I became real friends. I have rediscovered songs I haven't heard in years, whole albums lying forgotten in my parents' house, and the sheer, albeit selfish, pleasure of repeating a few songs till I am insulted. Do share your own!
  1. "Why Can't This Be Love", Van Halen
    Or why I'm forever Team Sammy.
  2. "Hard Times Come Easy", Richie Sambora
    If I ever meet the man, I need to thank him for all the times this song got me out of dark times.
  3. "Pour Some Sugar On Me", Def Leppard
    First hard rock album I ever bought. Still rocks my socks off.
  4. "Before I Forget", Slipknot
    I may or may not have scared a coworker after listening to this one --no joke-- twelve times in a row.
  5. "Father And Son", Cat Stevens
    I still have dreams of singing this to my dad, a former Cat Stevens fan.
  6. "All Summer Long", Kid Rock
    Rock's already my go-to driving music.