The animals I cared about most in 2016

Besides my dog, because my dog is awesome. But he doesn't live with me since 2013. But he'll always be my dog. Anyway, here are some cool animals that made my day in the dying year.
  1. Giraffe
    Turns out you don't have a single species, but FOUR to choose from. Just in time for us to realize they are far more endangered than we thought. Gave me more reason to bump a visit to the restaurant where giraffes come to visit in Kenya higher on the bucket list.
  2. Bullet ant
    I saw enough nature shows and viral videos to conclude: I am keeping my distance from the notorious "veinticuatro" found in the jungles of southern Venezuela. It means "twenty-four"… because a single sting will give you twenty four hours of agony. And it won't kill you... just make you wish it would.
  3. Killer whale
    In the midst of a very serious economía crisis in my country, nature managed to give all Venezuelans a tiny escape, when a video shot by a group of very enthusiastic fishermen spotting a pod of killer whales off our coast. It was maybe the first time in eight years they were spotted in these waters.z
  4. Macaw
    These are perhaps THE escapism for inhabitants of Caracas. It's often that large flocks of military, red-and-yellow and blue-and-yellow macaws flying over the city actually make grumpy Venezuelans stop, stare, smile, and move on a little less grumpy.
  5. Jumping Spider
    Ok, you might have arachnophobia and stuff. But c'mon. These spiders are SO CUTE. And the peacock spider is amazing. Look for any video showing the male's display. And then look for their Christmas greeting.
  6. Mountain gorilla
    Poor Harambe. 😔
  7. Australian magpie
    Inspired by the story of Penguin and her family (look up their Instagram profile for a melted heart), one of my first lists was dedicated to this lovely bird. (And it got only one like. Sob.) Here's to the Australian magpie, your new favorite bird
  8. Koi
    The koi I made from a bank note was the first picture I shared here on And it was one of my greatest triumphs in origami this year.
  9. Owl
    I've always had a thing for owls. For some reason, they've always intrigued me. And I love folding then in origami, as well. So it was kinda natural that my first tattoo was an origami owl.
  10. Pot bellied pig
    Pigs tie with dogs as my favorite animals. So imagine my delight when I discovered a girl who lives in my neighborhood has one as a pet. Follow him on Instagram at