We all have things we deeply enjoy that we suddenly look around and how no one catches us enjoying them. These should qualify, except I stopped feeling guilty for liking them. I hope you will still respect me afterwards.
  1. WWE
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard it all. Mock away. Just don't call me Monday nights. To cap it all off: I'm a huge fan of both John Cena AND Roman Reigns. Yes, they're trying to shove Roman down our throat, I know. But the guy is getting better at... well, a lot.
  2. Street food
    I'm not talking about the carts you may see around your city, or the one Jon Favreau even featured in his movie "Chef". Oh no. Those places are Michelin restaurants compared to the food carts in Caracas. These places sell burgers with beef, chicken, pork chop, sausage, steak, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, fries, onion and all kinds --ALL. KINDS-- of sauces. Under questionable health conditions. It could kill me. But what a way to go.