Inspired by @joemurphy by way of @Boogie and as a shout out to my two new followers @kate81 and @kelrie (thanks and bienvenidas)
  1. Splint a broken limb
    It's not that hard, right?
  2. Prank call a journalist with my impression of the President of Congress
    Basically the only one I can truly do
  3. Ask for directions in Italian
    Although I don't speak a word
  4. Survive a charge from an angry bison/buffalo/yak/bull
  5. Gut a fish I caught
    But don't ask me not to cry
  6. Walk away from a bar fight
    Or run. Who knows.
  7. Blend in some parts of the Middle East
    You won't hear me say a word
  8. Blend as an Indian
    I can do the accent without sounding racist.
  9. Do Metallica justice in a karaoke
    Just give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire and I'll be good.
  10. Explain my country without crying
    It's a gift now.