I write. Or I like to think I do. So one of the many things I appreciated from the advent of the blogosphere was a platform where I could make my writings public. Medium was the latest and pretty soon became my favorite. Here's why. (Thanks @andersun for the awesome request.)
  1. It's immediate
    Founded by former Twitter father Jack Dorsey (who also had a hand in Blogger), Medium shows that DNA. You can start writing as soon as you sign up (using Twitter, Facebook, or email). No setting up required.
  2. It's distraction-free
    While it doesn't allow for much customizing, Medium has the advantage of not having any extra sidebars or buttons that make for a clean writing experience. It's the closest to writing on a blank page of all the publishing services.
  3. It's flexible
    I've seen some compare Medium to writing on a magazine, and that's pretty close, given how well you can add media or format the text. But if you just want to write a letter, or a poem, or a joke, it suits ideally, as well. Speaking of which...
  4. It's a vast community/library
    Writers on Medium suit every taste you can imagine. Be it fiction, humor, politics, news, or science, someone has posted to Medium about it. That includes people like Graham Moore, Oscar-winning screenwriter of "The Imitation Game" (“How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You” @MrGrahamMoore https://medium.com/@MrGrahamMoore/how-to-write-about-characters-who-are-smarter-than-you-c7c956944847)
  5. It's mobile-oriented
    The iOS and Android apps make reading and writing posts very comfortable, and now they've presented Stories. Simply put, it's like Snapchat and Instagram stories but with text, images and video included. You may groan, but the Washington Post begs to differ.
  6. It's just... cool. :-)
    My best advice is sign in and start looking around. It's much more than just another blogging platform.