No resolutions, no top ten lists. 2016 was that intense. I see the next twelve months with quiet expectation. How adult can you get? These are a few of the things that have me giddy with anticipation (on the inside).
  1. More books, more movies
    I used to read like there was no tomorrow. Brick, from "The Middle"? Yeah, not too far removed from me. Also, I could churn down at least three movies in a week. These are activities that meant something to me all my life --till this year. New music is also something I look forward to discovering, but that was one of the highlights for last year.
  2. Less indoor time
    It's from home to the office and back. No beach or mountains. True, I still can't afford traveling how I really want. But dude... a park... a library... SOMETHING.
  3. THAT big decision
    It's been brewing for almost two years. I began a long distance relationship whilst planning it. But it's the search for a better life that pushes me. This must happen this year once and for all.
  4. Meeting at least ONE of you guys!
    Living outside the US it's harder to get together with people with whom you form a friendship online. Since that's changing, I do hope I meet some of the lovely peeps of in the coming year.
  5. My country to finally implode
    It's not so much I'm looking this one. It's that Venezuela is so close to the edge that waiting for something to happen and make the economy right itself once and for all is absolutely maddening. A rebellion. A coup. Social explosion. Hell, an ELECTION, however unlikely. SOMETHING. AAAAANYYYYTHIIIING!