Things I Miss

I believe life is worthwhile as you do the small things that make you happy. Sometimes, you stop doing some of those things because of life, time, society it growing up. These are mine. What are yours?
  1. Drinks with friends
    Or any get together. We grow up, have kids, just don't have the same time. Or it gets too expensive or too dangerous to go out.
  2. Arcades
    Used to go to one regularly into my early thirties. Never mind all were closed in my country; now I'd be seen as a potential child molester if I'd go into one alone.
  3. Spontaneous trips to the beach
    Grab the towel, sunblock, call a friend or friends, hit the sand. Period.
  4. Sit and read
    To just sit down with a book and not think of the outer world.
  5. The zoo
    When I was a kid, going to the zoo was an event. Now most zoos in my country are just depressing places. Not to mention my position on them has changed.
  6. Going to a music/book store
    Yes, it's cool that you can get everything delivered to you now. But I miss the human contact that implies going to purchase a physical product.
  7. Travelling
    It's gotten so prohibitive for me. But to be fair, I'd miss travelling even if I were a frequent flyer.
  8. Writing regularly
    I used to have three blogs that I kept thoroughly updated, plus my Twitter account, two Tumblrs and Facebook. I just found an old Moleskine that had FOUR unfinished stories. Now I'm lucky if I can finish this li.St.
  9. Walking around