Plus a few personal touches
  1. You start reading those books you've been putting off for weeks
    Then throw them in disgust because your nose blocks the letters to your brain
  2. You fold to your heart's delight... with mixed results
    Started making a dragon last night. Finished a rooster this morning.
  3. You watch zebras on TV
    And cry when the lion finally eats. (Sidenote: Try to catch "Savage Kingdom" on NatGeo Wild. Narrated by Charles Dance, Tywin Lannister himself. A-mazing.)
  4. You try to eat your arepa with black beans and white cheese
    But there is no taste. Nose again. Dammit...
  5. You wish you could sneeze on the Cheeto King himself just for laughs
    And you actually start feeling better. (I'll give him this: it's refreshing to not just hate on Nicolás Maduro for a change.)
  6. You make a funny list about the ordeal
    And you succeed... I hope.