Top 5 dog breeds I wanted growing up vs. Top 5 I want now

Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva with a twist. Because I will never NOT want a dog.
  1. Then: Rough collie
    I was a huge Lassie fan. Plus, when I lived in Atlanta as a kid, I had the best afternoons thanks to a neighbor's huge, friendly collie named Sir.
  2. Then: Great Dane
    My godfather used to be a breeder, and he had this big goof of a Great Dane called Shannon. I swear I remember him picking up my then six-year old brother by his pants, but I could be mistaken.
  3. Then: Rottweiler
    My dad's favorite breed.
  4. Then: German shepherd
    Anybody remember a show called "Run Joe, Run"? It had a gorgeous Alsatian as a star. Plus this dog is damn near perfect.
  5. Then: Boxer
    That face just gets to me. And yes, there were two Boxers in my life, courtesy of aunts: a chubby lady called Phani and a crazy girl called Canela.
  6. Now: Newfoundland
    It's a huge, shaggy, sweet-faced dog. What's not to love?
  7. Now: Boxer
    LOOK AT THAT FACE. Could YOU outgrow it???
  8. Now: Pitbull
    I used to be like a lot of people, deadly afraid of pitbulls. But after I've read more about them, talked to owners and breeders, I love the big goofballs.
  9. Now: French bulldog
    Have you seen that video where the guy surprises his gf waking her up with a Frenchie puppy? Reverse the sexes and my reaction would be exactly the same. Maybe a bit more tears.
  10. Now: mixes
    This is Baloo, my first and so far only dog. I had him for a year till I got divorced. Never knew exactly what he was; we think he's a Schnauzer/Jack Russell mix. He lives with a friend of mine and his sister. And he is perfect.