Top five celebrity deaths that have hurt me the most

I'm amazed I made it all the way to May without someone I'd truly mourn from the entertainment world. Today Roger Moore, 007 #3, passed away at 89. He was the Bond I grew up with, but since he had lain low so long it didn't hit me so much. Oh but when these celebrities died... Here they are, in reverse order. (Dammit,
  1. 1.
    Alan Rickman (02-21-46 / 01-14-16)
    Waaay before Snape, there was Hans Gruber. The Sheriff of Nottingham. Alexander Dane. Metatron. So unfair..
  2. 2.
    Heath Ledger (04-04-79 / 01-22-08)
    Can't believe we're coming on ten years since he's gone. He only has 23 credits on IMDB, and he was either good or great in all of them. If you haven't, do watch "I'm Not There", where he plays one of the incarnations of Bob Dylan.
  3. 3.
    Carrie Fisher (10-21-56 / 12-27-16)
    No child or teenager of the 70s did not cry when she passed, closing an awful year of losses. Not just because of Leia, but because she was a treasure if a human being. Good actress, great writer, fantastic woman and such an amazing person.
  4. 4.
    Chris Cornell (07-20-64 / 05-18-17)
    The freshest cut, and it's a deep one. Soundgarden was part of my youth's soundtrack, staying up late Saturday evenings watching "Headbangers Ball" on MTV. And Audioslave.protected me from many the madness of adulthood. It's especially painful considering he might have taken his own life by accident.
  5. 5.
    Robin Williams (07-21-51 / 08-11-14)
    It will never not hurt. Call me crazy, but it felt like I lost an uncle. A FAVORITE uncle. I still watch his movies or videos and get all choked up. There is still a hole in the world since he passed.