I've been a little gloomy so far. (Yes I have.) So I checked the local Craigslist to cheer me up. (No I didn't.) What I saw surprised me. (Wrong.) Stop it! (I'm your inner voice, YOU stop it.)
  1. Dirty deeds, done at dirt cheap prices
    Sounded familiar, but...
  2. Will do ANYTHING for love
    —Yay! —"Except that". —Shoot.
  3. Hearts unbroken
    Just say you'll love her again
  4. "It" got on
    For sensitive people with so much to learn.
  5. We tell them why
    It's nothing but a heartache. Will want it that way.
  6. Want to know what love is
    Know you can show me. (A bit on the nose, I thought, but ok, I wish them well.) U
  7. Will buy a stairway to heaven
    This lady made me wonder.