I will keep your list requests very much in my heart, but right now, my country is priority. Here's what's happening today.
  1. A new wave of protests started today
    Opposition called for "The Mother of All Marches" today, not only in the capital but all over the country. There were 26 rally points from which to start marching in Caracas, 19 of which were from the traditionally government-controlled west. At least 20 points were immediately attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets. But there were a LOT of people.
  2. Two people were killed today
    Two young people. The first was a 17 year old boy, who was on his way to a soccer game when trigger-happy government supporters fired to an opposition crowd. The other was a 24-year old woman who was marching in San Cristóbal, in the western state of Táchira, when, again, government supporters arrived in motorcycles and, as seen in a chilling security video, opened fire.
  3. Protesters had to wade through polluted waters to escape the gas
    Imagine the East River, ten times more polluted. That's the Guaire river, which flows through Caracas, its brown waters and horrible smells, together with hordes of black vultures, a reminder of what happens when industrialization goes wrong. Dozens of protesters had to lunge themselves into that cesspool to escape the tear gas.
  4. Let this picture say it all
    Remember Tianamen?
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  6. And to top it off...
    Quartz reports: Guess to whom Citgo, the US subsidiary of state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, donated half a million dollars. https://qz.com/963702/fec-report-venezuelas-citgo-donated-500000-to-donald-trumps-inaugural-committee/