Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging messages and want to know more. Here goes.
  1. Repression today has been as brutal as yesterday
    As of this list, armed forces have been clashing with opposition supporters for the last eight hours in at least seven spots in Caracas, most of them in the west.
  2. Armed thugs may have killed two people
    Both unconfirmed. These thugs belong to the so-called "colectivos", which, when Hugo Chávez came to power, started as groups who did social work in communities. But now, "colectivo" is synonym to thugs who intimidate anyone who dares oppose the government, frequently armed. They almost certainly killed the young woman whom I mentioned yesterday. They may have beaten a young man to death today.
  3. This is the picture of the day
    This man stripped completely except for his shoes and socks, to show he meant no harm, and, holding what seemed to be a Bible, tried to convince the National Guard to stop the gassing. He received a round of buckshot for his troubles (look at his back). He tried again, this time climbing on top of one of the armored cars. Again they pushed him off. Crying, he picked up his clothes and left.
  4. Another picture of him has been drawing comparisons (warning: frontal nudity)
    The circumstances are completely different, but the message is the same: we are completely vulnerable against dark forces.
  5. And of course, even the President had to comment
    He called the whole thing a show, and had this classy quip: "Thank God he didn't drop a bar of soap, THAT would have been an ugly photograph. Terrible!" {Insert the most colorful insults here}
  6. We had one unexpected tweet of support today
    Gracias, Sasha. (For those who don't know, she's a former porn star turned actress turned best-selling author.)
  7. A context list will come tomorrow
    Plus a space for any question you might have. Thanks, really.