What happens when an origamist has a graphic designer GF

My one-origami-a-day-for-a-year challenge on Instagram continues (53 days to go!!!), and this week I took on pop culture. My girlfriend designed a watermark for me, so she asked me to send her the picture I took so she could paste it on... and then she really let loose. Good, I love her. :) See the full pictures over at instagram.com/Jaycer17.
  1. Spider-Man
    Original by Juanfran Carrillo. Your friendly neighborhood web crawler.
  2. Golden snitch
    By Peter Farina. A thousand points, right there.
  3. Superman
    By Juan Gimeno. Not a bird, not a plane, and folded from a single sheet (as are all these models).
  4. Mogwai
    By Mark Leonard. I did not wetfold it, I swear.
  5. Miss Piggy
    By Robin Glynn. Made by little old moi.
  6. Nazgûl
    By Jason Ku. One list to rule them all.