I'm such an Internet junkie. If a new Internet service appears, and I start seeing positive things said about it, there I go. (Remember Friendfeed?) If you care to see me under any other context that is not the wonder that is li.st, here's where.
  1. Some of you wonderful folks have honored me by following me there, and are witness of my origami obsession first-hand. I thank you.x
  2. One of you brave souls dared follow me there, where I do most my ranting (mostly in Spanish). Follow at your own risk.
  3. I've recently fallen back in love with Pinterest, mostly because of a few writing tips that I found interesting. And yes, I also find quite a few DIY projects and recipesto tackle in the future.
  4. I love everything I find on Medium. Such smart and funny minds there. But I also love writing there, with their minimalist, straightforward interface. For some reason it inspires me to write a lot in English. (Includes an open letter to film critic Matt Zoller Seitz that he VERY sternly replied to on Twitter. Story for another day.)
  5. It's Goodreads for movie lovers. You can keep a diary for every movie you've watched, make lists based on pretty much anything and discuss. Like a prettier IMDB. NEED THAT ANDROID APP, LETTERBOXD.
  6. Bonus: the history of Jaycer
    This goes to the day I opened my Hotmail account. I didn't want anything boring like jcrr@hotmail so I thought "jaycee" would do. But that was taken. So I added the "r" for my last name. 17 is for my birthday (July 17, so sometimes it's 177). Noe I'm impossible not to find on Google. What? No, of course I don't google myself. That's sad. *wipes single year*