Other than my actual birthday (cough cough, July 17th, cough), this day has two events that I consider the two most important in my life so far.
  1. February 7, 1969: My parents got married
    Lionel and Sylvia Rodriguez decided to tie the knot after nine years of relationship. Those 48 years --some in Wisconsin, where they had their firstborn, some in Atlanta, the rest in Caracas-- have been the biggest example I've had to follow. I only hope I'm always a source of joy and pride, because they are forever my role models.
  2. February 7, 2008: I finished college
    On my 30th birthday, I decided my life was not going the way I wanted. So I enrolled to get my degree in Communications, so I could become a journalist. The next year, against all odds, I got in. That year (2002) Hugo Chavez was briefly ousted. Five years later, when I was ready for graduation, my fellow students started protesting the closure of Venezuela's oldest TV channel. I struggled so much, working and studying, being the oldest in a class, trying to keep up. But I did it! 😊